Rush Information

What is Theta Xi?

Theta Xi Fraternity is a national leader in the educational and social development of its members. Our successes and diversity have been celebrated by over 60,000 members since 1864.

The Purpose of Theta Xi is to provide a college home environment for its active members in which fellowship and alumni guidance lead to wholesome mental, moral, physical and spiritual growth. The values on which Theta Xi was founded on are passed onto new members in "The Quest for Theta Xi."

Theta Xi is one of North America's oldest social fraternities and the only such organization founded during the Civil War. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Theta Xi services Chapters and Colonies all over the United States. The Fraternity offers a comprehensive new member education program called Alpha Nine and countless educational programs for its members. Theta Xi is the only National Fraternity to receive two Association of Fraternity Advisors (AFAR) "Excellence in Programming" awards; one for Values into Action (Values training) and then second for Benchmarks of Excellence (Chapter Operations training).

Why go Greek?

Beyond just Theta Xi, RPI's greek system is a great place where members can cultivate friendships and life-changing experiences. Theta Xi works extensively with inter-greek organizations such as the Inter Fraternity Council to help promote a positive image of the greek system.

Why Theta Xi?

Our brothers are more than just "frat guys." We have brothers from all walks of life, interested in all different things, we feel that Theta Xi is the perfect place to foster individuality while promoting unity. Theta Xi is constantly striving to ensure that the world sees fraternities as more than just the typical “Animal House.” While social events are an integral part of our calendar, Theta Xi focuses on so much more. For us, a fraternity is more than just a social club; it’s a place to cultivate friendships, help the community, and ultimately grow as a man.

How does the Rush Process Work?

During rush, all of the fraternities will be hosting events at their houses for prospective members to attend. We encourage you to check out other fraternities as well to see if Theta Xi is the right fit for you. If you attend one or more rush events and demonstrate that you would make a good member of the house, brothers will extend a bid of membership to you, to which you can accept or decline (you will have several days to make your decision if you so choose). After rush week, those men who have accepted bids will be associated into the fraternity as associate members.


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